Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. I’m Joseph, an Art Director, Designer, Artist, DIYer, and outdoorsman from New York who lives in New Jersey.

I’m an artist at heart and my favorite art form is Minimalism. The less-is-more approach influences my work and lets me convey clear messages without “visual noise.” The process of creating art—whether through photography, sculpture, or pushing pixels—makes me happy. I enjoy creating beautiful, simple, and effective designs.

My co-workers describe me as the consummate team player. I’m the kind of guy to immerse himself in a project so I can support my team. You’ll see me reading the project brief, asking questions, brainstorming, doing research, browsing references, and sketching ideas. The team benefits when everyone rolls up their sleeves that way so I always jump in feet-first.

Currently, I work for Post Studios | New York Post (a News Corporation company) and offer consulting services to developing businesses within the tri-state area. I have an AA in Art & Advertising from MVCC (Utica NY) and a BFA in Computer Graphics from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn NY). I’ve also taken courses in Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, and InDesign.

I’m on Linkedin and would love to connect with you.